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  • Huon Aquaculture gets a (very minor) slap on the wrist for breaking environmental protection rules: a company with revenues of $145 million will have to stump up a mere $40,000 fine for six breaches of Tasmania’s environment protection regulations – one of which included dumping 80,000 litres of contaminated water considered toxic to marine life … on land right beside the Huon River. Read the full text here (2 pages, PDF)
  • Sabotage ruled out: the recent escape of 130,000 salmon from Huon Aquaculture feedlots in Storm Bay was definitely not the result of sabotage, The Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection (TAMP) has learned. Government officials have told TAMP that Huon Aquaculture has confirmed there was no sabotage, contrary to implications by CEO, France Bender, in the days after the escape. Read the full press release here (one page, PDF).